Access the Philippine eLib in your homes and office. Be a member by availing yourself of the following:

        SUBSCRIPTION                                             PRE-PAID CARDS

        Per day             Php50.00 per hour                 Php100.00

        Per month         Php1,200.00 per person         Php300.00

        Per 6 months     Php7,000 per person*            Php500.00

        Per year         Php12,000 per person*            Php1,000.00

The pre-paid cards may be used on or off campus kiosks. For on campus use of pre-paid cards, user has to log out from the IP-based website. All downloaded materials will be assessed chargeable against the pre-paid cards account (Php5.00 per page downloaded). Pre-paid cards are available at the Cashier and General Reference Section of the UP University Library.

For the first year transactions of individual subscription, cash and payment are required. Credit cards, phone cards and ATM transactions will be considered in succeeding years.

*one shot payment