The School of Urban and Regional Planning Library would like to thank Dr. Hanns Sylvester of Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), German Academic Exchange Service, for donating 121 titles/122 volumes of DAAD Reference Collection of Books on Development Co-operation.

The collection was completely delivered on February 2006. A delivery receipt dated 19 May 2006 was sent to Prof. Carmelita R.E.U. Liwag, a faculty member of the School. She is also the SPRING (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies Programme)-Asia Coordinator.

SPRING University of Dortmund in Germany has a joint program with the U.P. SURP. They offer the Master of Science in Regional Development Planning. Its is a two-year graduate program with the first year spent at the University of Dortmund, and the succeeding year at the U.P. SURP.

The books are now searchable in our WebOPAC and available at the SURP Library. –CMGamboa