A tribute to Emy Elagio.

19 November 2007 – In a lively party dotted with miniature décor of her favorite sunflowers, and dubbed “Hello Pension, Goodbye Tension”, Mrs. MAXIMA “Emy” L. ELAGIO, Head Librarian of the School of Statistics, celebrated her retirement from the University. Hosted by the University Library, the gathering was held this day at 1:00 p.m. at the Filipiniana Serials Section where she was toasted by colleagues, staff and friends.

University Librarian, Mrs. Sally Arlante, recalled her years in the Library and her previous postings — joined the Library on 17 April 1966, and assigned part-time duties at the Cataloging, Indexing and Acquisitions sections before becoming part-time librarian of the former Institute of Library Science, then moving on to head the Indexing Section and later, the Cataloging Section, until her designation as Head Librarian of the Statistical Center (now the School of Statistics) in 1998. She cited as well Emy’s contemporaries in the library whose kins and children are presently employed in the Main Library or in unit libraries in various capacities.

A PowerPoint presentation of “Memories Through the Years”, in pictures, highlighted a young Emy evolving through the years in the company of fellow librarians during work and in most important events of the library. It was made more nostalgic by her favorite Carpenters’ songs playing in the background. A serenade by Mrs. Leonie de la Cruz, Head Librarian of CSWCD, made her teary-eyed. More so when old friends — Dean Rosalie Faderon and Prof. Vyva Aguirre of the SLIS, and Mrs. Minda Licuanan, retired librarian, reminisced the years of friendship, the days of mischief, and the fun at work together. She was also feted with a video presentation of taped messages by the library staff and colleagues whose lives were touched by her, not to mention the special message by her Dean, Prof. Lisa Grace S. Bersales. The occasion was made doubly meaningful by the presence of her family in full force: husband Orly, also retired from the library and now a part-time farmer in Pampanga; children Joseph Carlos “JC” now with D.P. Architects (Singapore), Emilie Joyce now with Citibank (Manila), accompanied by husband, Thirdie and their two children, and Jonathan Antonio “Atan” now with Bakers Huge (Australia) accompanied by wife Katrina.


Emy and her very supportive family.

In her response, Emy happily returned the tribute to her former mentors citing “the art of servicing students with a smile” from the word of former University Librarian, the late Ms. Marina Dayrit. She thanked her colleagues for a well-spent professional life at UP and advised the younger set of librarians “to love your work”. In closing, she expressed appreciation to the Committee chaired by Mrs. Lita Simbulan, Head Librarian of BA for making the event memorable to her.

A well-deserved retirement deserves nothing less! –RGRosali

View more photos HERE (courtesy of Fidela Abrea).