Ms. Rose G. Rosali


28 February 2008 — Ms. ROSEMARIE G. ROSALI, Head of the U.P. School of Economics (UPSE) Library, is this year’s Gawad Chanselor Para sa Natatanging REPS (Professional Staff).

The award was conferred to Ms. Rosali for her outstanding role in the dramatic transformation of UPSE Library from being a traditional library into a modern information system that is at par with the highest level of expectations of its clients. She was also commended for her achievement in developing a classification system for materials on Philippine business and economics, which has been adopted for use by many Philippine academic libraries to date.

With her to receive the award were UPD University Librarian Ms. Salvacion Arlante and UPSE Dean Emmanuel de Dios. The recognition ceremony was held at the Malcolm Hall, College of Law, U.P. Diliman. –RYTarlit