Unveilling of wall marker

After 16 long months of renovation works, the ground floor of College of Engineering Library I was officially re-opened on July 19, 2010 with a simple program led by Dean Rowena Cristina L. Guevara and the College Executive Board.

Ms. Annie G. Dee, our generous donor

Coinciding with the event was the unveiling of the wall marker to recognize Ms. Annie D. Gee (IE ’77), an alumna of the College and President of Teresa Marble Corporation, who donated elegant marble tiles used to enhance the flooring of the area.  Her donation sealed the series of improvement activities carried out by the Library to realize its vision for the ground floor – a modern library with an atmosphere conducive to learning and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

new reading area

For the longest time, this part, not originally built to house an information center, has always been a problematic portion of the Library. It contains many innate architectural flaws such as inadequate lights and too many columns which made it looked dark and crowded.

As a remedy, the walls and ceilings were painted in light colors to create an illusion of height and space while the former dark red flooring was replaced with light-hued marble floor tiling which made the area to appear roomier. Energy-efficient T5 incandescent lamps were also installed to brighten up the place.

To cool the area, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning units were also installed. These “smart” air-conditioners can detect the ambient temperature of its effective area and adjust its cooling capacity as necessary.

new discussion room

The ground floor now boasts of new furniture akin to the ones found in the College of Engineering Library II.  Reading carrels have been provided for students who want solitude in their studying while discussion room with full size tables are also provided for those who want to engage in communal learning with their peers.

new internet room

Another highlight of the new ground floor is the Internet and Computing Facility. Equipped with 10 new PC terminals, this area aims to provide the Library’s clientele with e-resources as well access to all electronic journals on engineering subscribed by the College.  Moreover, these terminals can be used to serve as workstations for word processing and other activities required for the students.

The serials and theses sections were moved to the ground floor to decongest the upper floor. New furniture, including shelves, were also supplied for housing the theses and serials collections. Local databases were also provided for the easy access and searching of the Library’s available theses and serial titles.  To satisfy the study and research needs of the college faculty, a private Faculty Lounge has been designated.  This is an exclusive area where faculty may brew and drink coffee while doing their stuff.

new theses section

Now that the Library has successfully provided excellent physical facilities to its patrons, it is imperative also to give the best services to them.  And the staff are not shunning away from this challenge.  In fact, several projects are currently in the offing to further improve the services of the Library.

With the on-going renovation activities for the upper floor, the Engineering Library I is getting closer to becoming a truly modern information resources gateway. (BBD & HCC)