The Philippine E-Journals is an expanding collection of academic journals that are made accessible globally through a single Web-based platform. It is hosted by C&E Publishing, Inc., a premier educational publisher in the Philippines and a leader in the distribution of integrated information-based solutions which include e-learning products, library automation and interactive media systems, and online library resources containing databases, e-books, and online journals.

Below are journal titles with full-text contents accessible within UP Diliman:

  1. Agham
  2. Arellano University Graduate School Journal
  3. College of Arts and Sciences Research Journal
  4. College of Nursing Faculty Research Journal
  5. DDC Professional Journal
  6. DLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studies
  7. DLSU Engineering Journal
  8. Faculty Research Journal
  9. IDEYA: Journal of the Humanities
  10. Journal of Business, Education and Law
  11. The Journal of History
  12. Journal of Research in Science, Computing, and Engineering
  13. The Lamp
  14. Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research
  15. The Magus
  16. Malay
  17. Nursing Research Journal
  18. Ang Pantas
  19. The Paulinian Compass
  20. Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  21. Philosophia: International Journal of Philosophy
  22. The Trinitian Researcher
  23. The Trinitian Student Researcher

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