Turnorver of Book Donation. From Left: Prof. Clarita Carlos, Prof. Cesar Torres, Prof. Salvacion Arlante and Mr. Rodolfo Tarlit

The College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) Library recently received five new social sciences titles donated by Prof. Cesar R. Torres, a retired professor who used to be part of the teaching faculty of the Department of Political Science. Currently, he is one of the more-active community leaders in Northern California and very much in the helm of the various activities of the UP Alumni Association. He is also very active in participating to the various associations and advocacies of former Samar residents who are now in the United States. >EBL

Click the image of the book below to view the table of contents.

1. Disposable People : new slavery in the global economy by Kevin Bales.
Berkeley : University of California Press,c2004.


2. Engaging extremists : trade-offs, timing, and diplomacy.
William Zartman and Guy Olivier Faure, editors.
Washington, D.C. : United States Institute of Peace Press, 2011.

3. How China’s leaders think : the inside story of China’s reform and what this means for the future by Robert Lawrence Kuhn.
Singapore : John Wiley & Sons, 2010.


4. More terrible than death : massacres, drugs, and America’s war in Colombia by Robin Kirk.   New York : Public Affairs, c2003.

5. When China rules the world : the end of the western world and the birth of a new global order by Martin Jacques.
New York : Penguin Press, 2009.

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