Prof. Mary Jannette L. Pinzon, CAL Professor donates book on Cardinal Sin, "Rhetorics of Sin"

The University of the Philippines Diliman Library is the recipient of a book recently launched at the College of Arts and Letters Library. Published by the University of the Philippines Press, The Rhetorics of Sin by Prof. Mary Jannette L. Pinzon of the Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts, College of Arts and Letters, University of the Philippines, “focuses on Jaime Cardinal Sin … who figured prominently in the political life of the Philippines. His position as a Roman Catholic cardinal from 1976 to 2005 enabled him to influence Philippine social and political affairs.

This book analyzes selected rhetorical discourses of Sin within the period 1972 to 1992. It describes the identifiable forces in configured interplay and the exigential flows of antecedents-events-consequences. Cardinal Sin’s rhetoric was created and shaped by these forces leading to a rhetorical role and persona he played within the historical configuration period. This book attempts to provide an answer to the seemingly perennial question: Did Jaime Cardinal Sin violate the constitutional provision of separation of Church and state in the Philippines?”

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The Rhetoric of Sin is now available for sale at the UP Press at Php 350.00.

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