The Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) held the first training seminar, entitled Library Wellness Program: Nutrition and Stress Management Training last April 16, 2012.

It was aimed to cultivate awareness among library staff of the importance of good nutrition to a healthy lifestyle and how to reduce stress in the workplace with the end goal being a reduction in sick leaves through the reduction of health risks and management of controllable diseases.

           Professor Cecile T. Bayaga of the College of Home Economics was the resource person on nutrition and Francis Carlos “Coach Kiko” B. Diaz of the College of Human Kinetics was the resource person on stress management. Professor Bayaga gave lectures on general nutrition and special nutritional needs for those with hypertension and diabetes. Coach Kiko explained the nature of stress and provided some simple exercises that can be performed in the workplace to help reduce stress. — A. Bautista

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