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The Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) of the University Library, U.P. Diliman, conducted two workshops in a row last October 22, 2012 at the computer room of the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), 3rd Floor, Gonzalez Hall.

Sixty library staff attended.

The morning workshop was on simple book repair and care.  The resource person was Mr. Rogelio Estrada, former Book Binder IV of the Library Bindery who retired in 2008. This workshop introduced the participants to proper book repair and restoration, and bookbinding procedures and techniques.

In the hands-on training, Mr. Estrada guided the participants through the various stages of the book repair process, starting from the taking the book apart stage, to sewing, casing, lettering, and pasting. He also introduced the participants to the various equipment and machines used in the book repair process, such as the trimming machines, bucking and rounding machine, hammers, pliers, bucksaws, paper cutters, and stamping machines.

The afternoon workshop was about the recovery and conservation of water damaged paper-based collections.  The resource person was UP SLIS Professorial Lecturer Yolanda C. Granda, a retired librarian for 41 years in U.P. Diliman and archivist for 39 years.

The hands-on training enabled the participants to gain basic conservation skills in preserving paper-based collections.  She also dwelt on disaster preparedness which will be of importance in establishing a network and in organizing a disaster response and recovery team composed of UPD libraries. >>> STDC Team