echo 2012 pictures

Last December 3, 2012, a generous number of UP Library staff trooped to the Main Library Audio-Visual Room to listen to a whole-day sharing of experiences, an activity called Library Echo Seminar.

The Echo Seminar was the first echo seminar of the UP Library under the leadership of Mr. Rodolfo Tarlit, the University Librarian. Mr Tarlit directed the Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) to implement the policy into action. The STDC, through its Chair, Ms. Modesta (“Ching”) Omega also responded and did not leave any stone unturned just to make the Echo-Seminar successful.
The aim of this Echo-Seminar was to provide a venue where library personnel who attended conferences and seminar-workshops outside UP either as paper presenters or as participants would share what they have learned from these occasions with fellow personnel back in the home turf.

The program began with the opening prayer and the singing of the national anthem. Mr. Tarlit, then delivered his welcome message – receiving warmly those who came inside the Audio-Visual Room for the occasion was meant for everyone’s benefit.  The STDC Chair herself, Ching Omega, rose to the occasion by delivering a short message about staff training policy.  As one of  the program’s emcees  together with Ms.Nancy Beraquit,  they delivered their  witty and wacky ad libs, thus injecting thrill and excitement to the affair.

The Echo Seminar had an array of speakers.  The speakers and the topics they respectively shared as scheduled were:

Echo Seminar 2012 Presenters

AM session
1. Corazon B. Ras, Eustaquia G. Landa, Rizalyn V. Janio, and Reina R. Lomerio (“Planning, Developing, and Managing Digitization & Research Projects for Libraries and Information Centers”),
2. Lyle D. Manaay (“Conflict Management”),
3. Rheabelle R. Recalde, Graciela T. Villalonga (“Beyond Librarianship: Information as a Way of Life”),
4. Rhoel E. Rondilla, Elija John F. Dar Juan (“CE-Logic Trending Now), and
5. Elvira B. Lapuz (“Library 2.0 Environment:  Challenges and Opportunities”)

PM session
1. Arsenia J. Barrientos, Reina R. Irinco, Evelyn O. Laxamana, Annelyn C. Lim (“Libraries, Archives and Museum:Common Challenges, Unique Approaches”),
2. Marian Ramos-Eclevia (“LibRadio, Librarians sa Radyo:  Marketing UP Diliman University Library from Online to On Air” and “Listen and Learn @ Your Library:  Development of Instructional Podcasts in the University of the Philippines Diliman University Library”),
3. Eimee Rhea C. Lagrama (“Preventing Disasters:  Quantifying Risks at the UP Diliman University Library”), and
4. Chito C. Angeles (“Mobile Services at the University of the Philippines Diliman Library:  Future Plans and Challenges”)

Mr. Manaay shared his learnings from the seminar which he attended last July 10-13, 2012 in Cagayan de Oro titled “Conflict Management.” In his sharing, he gave out pointers on how to manage conflicts and identified steps to resolve issues.  He posed the question at the end of his sharing if a Library Grievance Committee had already been formed.  If there was already one such, he proposed that it be reactivated.
The duo of Rhoel E. Rondilla and Elijah John F. Dar Juan attended the conference on “CE-Logic Trending Now” at Subic Bay on August 16, 2012.  Mr. Rondilla chose to share the topic on “Personal Fashion Styling at Work” while Mr. Dar Juan echoed on “The Learning Commons.”

Ms. Elvira Lapuz, Head Librarian of the Social Sciences Section, stressed in her sharing that librarians need to be proactive and to tap available resources so as to provide a more efficient and effective library service to readers.  She also identified the challenges faced by librarians to survive in a continuously changing information environment.

Ms. Marian Ramos, Head Librarian of the General Reference Section, echoed on two papers that she presented in two conferences.  One was presented at the Ateneo de Manila University, the other was at the University of Brunei.  In her sharing, Ms. Ramos discussed on how to market the resources of the University Library.  She also informed the audience on the latest trends and developments in the library and information sciences.

Mr. Chito Angeles, Head of the Computer Services Section, revealed that text messaging services will be integrated with the CRS and iLib so that it would be easy for the students to know the latest updates or news within the campus.  He hoped that this plan will materialize by the third quarter of this year, 2013.

The Echo Seminar was the STDC’s last offering for 2012.  Definitely, judging from the initial reception of the activity, and the positive feedback it generated the day or days after, more echo seminars will be planned and implemented this year and in the next years to come – God be willing! – as a way of instituting a cycle of continuous learning among the library staff and personnel.

Be that as it may, many thanks to the organizers of the Echo-Seminar, primarily to the University Librarian, Mr. Rodolfo Tarlit for conceptualizing and planning the idea of the Echo Seminar.  Without the Echo-Seminar, how could librarians and library personnel make a difference in their lives?  To those who spoke to share their learnings, the Echo-Seminar made a great difference. And to those who attended the Echo-Seminar, December 3, 2012 made their day!

— (STDC team; Nazareth, K & Pascual, E.)