Dr. Lily Rosales

Dr. Lily Rosales

Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales recently donated her book, entitled “The Man from Sulvec” , to the University Library. Dr. Rosales wrote numerous short stories, poems, lyrics from musical compositions, professional articles and books published. Some of her writings were published under the pen name Aling Isang. She was a former  professor of Counselor Education and Dean of the College of Education at the University of the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education and her Master’s degree from the University of the Philippines. She earned her doctorate of education in Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy from the University of Northern Colorado.

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Dr. Lilly Rosales' letter to the Library

Dr. Lilly Rosales’ letter to the Library

The Man from Sulvec 1901-1980 was published by New Day Publishers in 2011. In this book Dr. Rosales talked about her father, Professor Froilan Rosqueta, a native of Sulvec, Naravan, Ilocos Sur and a former faculty member of UP Los Baños, Laguna, College of Forestry.  This book revolved around Prof. Froilan’s childhood, professional life and contributions. The author narrated and recollected all her wonderful experiences with her father that inspired her and made a difference in her life. There also facts, stories and personal narratives about the World War II, American influences and Japanese Occupation .

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