New Employee Orientation 2013

The University Library recently held an “Orientation for New Library Personnel” last February 18, 2013 at the Main Library Conference Room. This was attended by 21 new library staff who started their employment  from  Year 2009 up to Year 2012. They are:

1.  Anthony Atibagos 12.  Reina Lomerio
2.  Jennylyn Bandung 13.  Maggie May Manjares
3.  Christopher Coballes 14.  Hazel Mercurio
4.  Val Crisostomo 15.  Katherine Salvo Nazareth
5.  Elijah John Dar Juan 16.  Julius Panotes
6.  Ma. Shiela. Fernando 17.  Emar Pascual
7.  Raquel Galamgam, 18.  Maria Fe Sandoy
8.  Grace Garcia 19.  Elmer Tolentino
9.  Victor Garduce 20.  Romena Vicente
10.  Ma. Christine Hernandez 21.  Graciela Villalonga
11.  Eleonor Llave

The objectives of the orientation program aimed at introducing the new library staff to their work environment; acquainting them of the structure, staff policy and library rules and regulations of the University Library ; and conducting a library tour on campus to selected libraries in UP Diliman.


Mr. Rodolfo Y. Tarlit,  University Librarian, opened the program by emphasizing the importance of an orientation to the new staff.  He thanked the Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC), commending its efforts in reviving/reactivating the said activity that will inform newly hired staff of the policies and rules of the University Library, among others.

Excitement filled the room when each of the new personnel was introduced by Zenaida Ponseca, member of the STDC, who also served as overall emcee of the program.  One can see the eagerness in each and everyone’s eyes to meet and get to know their co-workers. The new staff also got the chance to introduce themselves by citing their previous work assignments, then their first impressions  about the Main Library,  and about  their talents.  At first, they thought that Main Library  employees were very strict in implementing library policies. They also presumed that the University Library provides the best training ground in developing skills and knowledge in  librarianship. NewEmployee1

Mr. Tarlit once again took the floor as he presented  the Library organizational structure. He identified the 38 unit libraries in U.P. Diliman and their respective locations. In addition, Ms. Jocelyn Basa, through a Powerpoint presentation, presented the profile photos of  Head Librarians  in order for the new personnel to recognize the heads of the different college libraries if they happen to meet them along the way.

Library Administrative Officer, Ms. Mylene P. Rufin, discussed Staff Policies.  She presented UP Library office rules and regulations, conduct and discipline, proper attire and identification, leave benefits, employee benefits, complaints and grievances, etc.

Ms. Elvira B. Lapuz, Head Librarian of the General Reference Section, shared her insights on library rules and regulations. She informed everyone that these rules and regulations  can be viewed at the University Library website. Furthermore, she urged that the library staff  be more friendly to the alumni  users of the library, in as much as they are the ones who give back to the University.

In the afternoon session, the new employees had the opportunity for a Library Tour. Five unit libraries were visited: 1)Engineering Library II, 2) College of Science, 3) Business Administration, 4) College of Law, and 5) Asian Center. The heads of these libraries  graciously welcomed the new employees and STDC members and happily toured their guests.

IMG_7394 IMG_7406

First stop was the College of Engineering Library II.  Everyone was greeted by the huge library campaign promo (I LUV MY LIBRARY) stationed at the lobby of the U.P. Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall. Ms. Sharon Esposo-Betan, Head Librarian, showed a library orientation video to the new employees that showcased the library’s state of the art facilities and equipment. A well- funded library, Engineering Library II definitely attained its goal to be “a world-class learning hub in engineering education, research, and service.”

IMG_7437 IMG_7440

Ms. Antoinette Villaflor, Head Librarian of the College of Science Library presented the library unit’s trademark in information technology and library innovation through its Satellite Libraries. Considered as a premier science library, the Satellite Library technology provides a network with smaller science libraries such as the Institute of Chemistry (IC), Institute of Mathematics (IM), National Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (NIMBB), and National Institute of Physics (NP).

IMG_7458 IMG_7465

The third library visited was the College of Business Administration Library headed by Ms. Corazon M. Gamboa. The two- floor library houses an excellent collection on management education. Ms. Gamboa toured the new employees to the different sections of the library.

law library law lib

The College of Law Library houses an extensive collection of law books and documents in various format. Headed by Ms. Lilia F. Echiverri, it serves as the country’s “National Law Library“. Ms. Echiverri gave a brief orientation after which the new employees were toured to each floor of the four-storey library building.


The Asian Center Library located at the  new GT-Toyota Asian Center building was the last in the itinerary of the Tour. Its library collection focuses on the Asian Studies Collection and consists of printed and non-printed materials in English as well as in the indigenous languages of Asia. The collection is divided into four geographic areas: Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and West Asia. Mr. Porfirio Liwanag, Head Librarian of the Asian Center Library, gave an orientation and shared to everyone that the library has the best Asian Studies Collection in the country.

In line with the University Library’s commitment to enhance the knowledge and skills as well as personality development of the library staff, the February 18 orientation program was the initial offering of the STDC for Year 2013. The committee handling the orientation was composed of the following:


Nancy Beraquit, Zenaida Ponseca, Jocelyn Basa and Ching Omega

Chair: Modesta M. Omega
Fidela O. Abrea
Jocelyn P. Basa
Nancy T. Beraquit
Zenaida R. Ponseca

—STDC team ; E.G.Pascual
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