ipsantos reading room

Ildefonso Santos, Jr. Reading Room

ipsantos book

One of many books he has donated to the College of Architecture Library

The Architect Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr. Library Collection was formally turned over to the College of  Architecture Library on June 11, 2013. It consists of approximately 1,200 foreign and Filipiniana books on architecture and landscape architecture published from 1960 to 2010. The collection was formerly housed at the 19th floor of the Philippine Stock Exchange (Tektite Bldg.), Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Recognizing the importance of these rich reference resources, the UPD College of Architecture Library with the valuable assistance of UPLB Prof. Susan Aquino-Ong, UPCA Prof. Zeny Galingan, and retired Prof. Ace Dimanlig convinced Sir IP to donate and turn over the collection to the Library. According to Sir IP, one of the contributing factors that prompted him to donate his collection was the dedication of the library staff in organizing his collection way back in 2009. Other works in the Santos’ residence will be donated in the forthcoming months.

    Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr. is the National Artist for Architecture and the Allied Arts in 2006. He is an architect who had pioneered the practice of landscape architecture in the Philippines and he was acknowledged as the “Father of Modern Philippine Landscape Architecture.” Sir IP was not only a practitioner but an educator and mentor who had contributed a lot in setting up the first four-year undergraduate degree program in Landscape Architecture in the University of the Philippines and had expanded the degree program to a Master degree program in Tropical Landscape Architecture. His love for the university is unwavering like his father, Ildefonso Santos who was a renowned Filipino educator, translator and Tagalog poet. He was also a landscape architectural consultant for the campus planning of the University of the Philippines in the 1960’s. The biographical note on Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr. may be browsed in Paulo Alcazaren’s “The Necessity of beauty : the landscape of Ildefonso P. Santos”  at <http://www.pala.org.ph/history.html>.

      Architecture students, faculty members and researchers of the University will surely find the donated books valuable in their studies and researches.

ipsantos turnover

Architect Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr., Dean Mary Ann A. Espina and Merlyn A. Sornoza during the turnover ceremony

Honorable Guests, Faculty, Staff and Students during the turnover ceremony at the U.P. Diliman College of Architecture Library

Honorable Guests, Faculty, Staff and Students during the turnover ceremony at the U.P. Diliman College of Architecture Library

View more pictures of the turnover ceremony at the College of Architecture Facebook Fan Page.

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