Lectures on the U.P. Library History

Last March 18, 2013, the University Library recently gave two lectures for library staff  with the theme  “The U.P. Library History” in commemoration of the 91st Founding of the U.P. Library. The lectures aimed to enhance the consciousness of the many new library employees who have precisely little knowledge of the origin and development of the U.P. Library. It was a full house response as 90 professional librarians and  staff attended the event which was held at the Main Library.

The March 18, 2013 event was only the third commemoration of a historical milestone of the U.P. Library.  The first was on March 8, 1989, during the 67th founding anniversary;  the second was on March 7,1997,  the 75th Diamond Jubilee of the UP Library; and the third took place on March 18, 2013.

sir rod history opening

The program began as Mr. Rodolfo Y. Tarlit, the University Librarian, cited that the lecture will be handled by two of the pillars of the University Library. He once again commended the efforts of the Library Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) in organizing this event to celebrate the establishment of the University Library. Furthermore, Mr. Tarlit emphasized that the STDC’s training programs coincide in achieving his vision which is “University Library employees molded into world class information workers.”

Ms. Modesta M. Omega, STDC chairperson, delightfully introduced the first speaker of the occasion. Through STDC’s chairperson, all efforts were made to invite Ms. Namnama P. Hidalgo for she befitted being one of the speakers of the event.  Ms. Hidalgo served the U.P. Library for 45 years thereby making her a credible person to share her perspective regarding the roots of the University Library. Ms. Hidalgo shared her vast experience as a librarian through her lecture on “The University of the Philippines Library: a Third World Perspective.”  She emphasized that her lecture was not history but a perspective.

Ms. Namnama P. Hidalgo

Ms. Namnama P. Hidalgo

It was like a walk through history, as Ms. Hidalgo presented the University of the Philippines Library Timeline that contains a chronology of events pertaining to the University Library’s  history from 1922 up to 1999.  She  showed detailed facts contributing to the establishment and development of the University Library. The timeline also included inputs, even during the Spanish colonial era up to 1999,  showing therein the development of Philippine librarianship. Ms. Hidalgo presented an impressive lecture by providing information to the participants on important events and providing them awareness on how the University Library came to its present state. It was a comprehensive and clear perspective on the history of the University Library and librarianship in the Philippines. The timeline was a real revelation of the history of librarianship in the Philippines. The lecture ended with Ms. Hidalgo giving some recommendations concerning the following: National bibliographic control, staff professionalization and development, structure, and leadership.


Atty. Vyva Victoria M. Aguirre

Atty. Vyva Victoria M. Aguirre was the second resource speaker of the lecture entitled, “Work Ethics : U.P. Diliman Library.”  The topic was timely and it drew  its rationale on the need to impart learning on work ethics among librarians.  She was introduced by Miss Fidela Abrea, Head Librarian of the School of Statistics.  Atty. Aguirre was the former Dean of the U.P. School of Library and Information Studies (UPSLIS) from 2008 to 2010. She retired as dean in 2010 but she still works after retirement as senior lecturer status at the UPSLIS.

Atty. Aguirre started her talk by first defining work ethics as “a set of values based on hard work and diligence” and “a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character.”  She focused on four major characteristics of good work ethics, namely: 1) reliability, 2) positive or helpful character, 3) proper communication and 4) altruistic or goal oriented.

Atty. Aguirre discussed that the important elements of reliability were attendance and punctuality. Moreover, an employee should come to office ready to work and follow through on his tasks. A positive or helpful character, the second quality of good work ethics encourages staff to show a positive attitude and willingness to help others in the workplace.


“A staff must always give his full attention or 100% at work.”– Atty. Vyva Victoria M. Aguirre

Another characteristic is proper communication which states that an employee should possess strong interpersonal skills. He should know how to communicate effectively. She pointed out that everyone should know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Lastly, on the fourth characteristic-  altruistic and goal oriented –  Atty. Aguirre stressed that personal goals should be linked to the goals of the organization. Initially, an employee has his own personal goals that will eventually be transformed to organizational goals. Also, a staff must always give his full attention or 100% at work.


Atty. Aguirre stressed that personal goals should be linked to the goals of the organization

She also discussed the importance of dressing up in the workplace and emphasized that “How you are dressed tells something about you”.  At the last part of the lecture, Atty. Aguirre discussed the lapses in work ethics or bad habits and suggested to refrain from doing so. These are: use of office supplies, using computer for personal use, submitting substandard work, and claiming credit for other people’s work.

Reminiscing the past was the theme of the lecture as Atty. Aguirre shared her experiences as a librarian working under the then University Librarian Ms. Marina G. Dayrit. Others joyfully followed in the recollection and shared their own experiences. Nevertheless, according to Atty. Aguirre, the tough times during Ms. Dayrit’s leadership molded each and everyone’s character to follow strong work ethics.



The awarding of certificate of appreciation to Atty. Aguirre and Ms. Hidalgo with Prof. Rodolfo Y. Tarlit, Elvira Lapuz (Host) and Modesta Omega (STDC Chair).



Event participants consist of University Library Staff, retirees, and guest/friends of the library.

>>>M.M.Omega and E.G. Pascual.