forever youngThe University Library is honored to receive the biographical book about Major Maximo Purisima Young entitled, “Forever young : a soldier’s tale : a walk through the life of Maximo Purisima Young.” Atty. Walter T. Young, the author and executive editor, dedicates this book to his father Major Maximo Purisima Young on the occasion of his 90th birthday. This coffee-table book, written and crafted as a genuine labor of love, was published by Norma Tobias Young Foundation a couple of weeks before his Dad’s 91st birthday celebration in 2012. Atty. Walter T. Young is a UP alumnus (AB Econ 1974 and LLB 1980) and part of Young Revilla Gambol & Magat Law Firm.

Major Maximo Purisima Young (Ret) is a bemedalled soldier who earned 22 medals, notable of which are the Silver Star Medal during the Second World War and the Gold Cross Medal during the Korean War, in his 27 years of military service. The unusual circumstances of his childhood and the harsh events of the Second World War deprived him the opportunity to earn a secondary school diploma, as he reached 2nd year high school only. Despite this inadequacy, in 1947, he was awarded a scholarship to an armored force training at the Fort Knox in Kentucky, U.S.A., following his topping a competitive test where he bested other examinees who where college graduates. Efforts to obtain his well-deserved promotion from then established military hierarchy who plausibly perceived that his inadequate formal schooling would be a handicap. Amidst those trying times, with he help of  his late wife, Norma Tobias Young, he was able to send all his children to college. This book truly highlights the value of education which Maximo and the late Norma nurtured as their legacy to their children. Source: Atty. Walter Young’s donation letter to the University Library.

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Atty. Walter T. Young turnover the book to Prof. Rodolfo Y. Tarlit.

Daddy Max’s biography, which has evolved as the story of our family, aims to give my siblings and their descendants, a panoramic view into our roots. It also assures us that an important life to all of us, would be remembered. For without knowing our roots; we will have not much buttress and bearings. –Walter T. Young

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