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Scopus and ScienceDirectare available for all staff and students at University of Philippines . This fun quiz will introduce you to some of functions that are available on Scopus and ScienceDirect and it should not take you more than 15 minutes!

Prizes to be won!!!

Grand Prize:
2GB  iPod Shuffle + Elsevier Teddy Bear

2nd – 3rd Prize:
USB Drive + Elsevier Teddy Bear

4th – 5th Prize:
ScienceDirect USB Hub + Elsevier Teddy Bear

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We would like to thank all the participants of the UPD
University Library “Branding and Badging @ Your Library®” Contest.
We really appreciate your work and effort.

Congratulations! Here are the winners:

Badge Concept Winner

Badge (Logo) – Php10,000
Albaniel, Jonathan and company
BS Architecture
College of Architecture

Branding (Slogan) – Php5,000
Beñas, Nex
MA PolSci
College of Social Science and Philosophy

Winners should contact Ms. Marian Ramos to claim their prize.
General Reference Section, 981-8500 Loc.2861

Again, thank you to all for joining!

winning slogan and its description

@D.Lib Badge

Jonathan Albaniel, Maria Isabelle Beatriz Soriano, James Louie Ngo, Sean Lemuel Su

@D.Lib Badge Description 1

@D.Lib Badge Description 2

@D.Lib Badge Description 3

@D.Lib Badge Description 4


APRIL 15, 2010 – 5:00 P.M. is the deadline for submission of entries on Branding and Badging @ Your Library® Contest

Winners will be announced at a later date and will be published in the website, Facebook, Twitter and Library Bulletin Online. We apologize for the confusion.



To design and develop a brand and badge for the UP University Library which will be used as a marketing tool.Rationale
The UP University Library lacks a clearly identified brand message and badge so there is a felt need of developing them. Because the librarians wanted the brand and badge to be used throughout the UP Diliman Library System as a tool of promoting its services, collections, programs and facilities, they will develop a set of brand standards including colors and fonts as well as standardization of logo use. “Brand is the promise of the services and experiences” that will be provided to your library clients. Hence, it is the library’s identity.Brand and badge increase customer’s awareness on what the library is, who the staff are, what services are being offered and how they can benefit from it. Brand and badge fuel curiosity and bring more clients to the library as well as create consistency which sends a message to customers that the library is unified and has a strong foundation.

Definition of Terms

Branding – is one component of marketing strategy. It involves the process of defining a library’s story, distilling that into one short, appealing sentence that tells the whole story, and then visually conveying the story via the library’s logo and other branding elements (Doucett, 2008)

Badge – a distinctive mark, token, or sign that signifies a status

Library Mission
The mission of UP University Library is to provide library users:

(a) the best possible access to the information that they need in support of instruction, research and extension; and,
(b) the best possible information services through the use of the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) as applied in libraries.

Library Services and Facilities
Bibliography & indexing, Ask-a-Librarian, database searching, current awareness services, document delivery, e-mail, interlibrary loan, referrals, Interactive Virtual Tour Emulation (INVITE), library orientations & tours, circulation, extended reading, 24/7 on-campus and remote access to online subscriptions, Internet access, Wi-Fi® (Wireless Fidelity) network, microfilm reading and printing, Online Public Access Catalog (webOPAC), photocopying, preservation, printing, scanning, audiovisual room, discussion room, microfilm laboratory, barcode and library security machines, and CDS/ISIS & iLib softwares.

Mechanics of the Contest
1. This contest is open to all UP Students only. Library staff, faculty and alumni are not allowed to participate in this contest.

2. Contest duration is from March 16 to April 15, 2010.

3. Students can design a logo or write a brand statement or do both, but it should be consistent with the library’s mission aforementioned. Students can only submit one entry per category.

Examples of library brand statements are as follows: We link people with information; Information, innovation, service; Educate! Inform! Promote!; Libraries are changing & dynamic places; Libraries are places of opportunity; Libraries bring you the world.

4. All entries must be submitted in printer photo paper size 8”x11” and in JPEG (.jpg) format. Print copies must be submitted to Ms. Marian Ramos at the General Reference Section while the electronic copies must be sent to updgenref@gmail. Soft copies must not exceed 4MB. Do not include captions in the image itself. Entrants must also provide a brief explanation of their submissions.

5. The brand statement and badge shall have at least two colors. Maroon and forest green are mandatory colors.

6. Brand statement shall consist of three to seven words only.

7. All entries must be submitted by 5:00pm on April 15, 2010.

8. Criteria for judging include:
a. Relevance 45%
b. Originality 25%
c. Artistry and creativity 20%
d. Viewer’s vote 10 %

Viewer’s vote is the vote of the head librarians from various sections and unit libraries.

9. The winner for the library brand will receive Php5,000.00 while Php10,000.00 will be awarded to the designer of the chosen library badge.

10. Submitted entries to the contest will automatically be owned by the University Library which can be modified and used by them for marketing campaigns.

11. Winners will be announced on 15 April 2010 and will be published in the website, Facebook, Twitter and Library Bulletin Online.

For more information, please contact the ff:
Marian S. Ramos
General Reference Section, UP Main Library
(02) 981.8500 local 2861

Eimee Rhea Lagrama
Filipiniana Special Collections, UP Main Library
(02) 981.8500 local 2855

Download the poster with mechanics (click the image)